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Our Off Roading History


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This is how Miki and I got started Off Roading.

My Alma Mater, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo is known for it's agriculture, engineering, and business schools. Having majored in Mechanical Engineering, attended an AG school and owning a 4x4, something had to click (also, having Pismo Dunes and the Pozo trails 30 minutes away didn't hurt either).

During my 3rd year at Cal Poly, I met Miki, a student from Japan who had come here to better her english skills. Ever since then, we have been inseperable.

During my senior year I just started to explore the 4Runner's capabilites (senioritis). This included short trips to the Dunes, trails near Pozo, and Big Falls Trail by Lopez Lake. Then, I graduated and started work at small semiconductor company. There, I met a great group of people who were also just learning about 4wheeling.

Miki and I tied the knot on July 7th, 2001.

We planned a camping trip to the Sierras to find some trails. We found the trail called Slick Rock and it proved to be the toughest thing we've ever done, so far.

A couple months later we hit Frank Raines Off Road Park near Patterson, CA. This is a small park that will take about a day to explore.

Here's a pic of Miki and me after fishing up at Lake Ellery, just outside of Yosemite.